The Site

255 Hammersmith Road is currently a 10-storey office building located within Hammersmith Town Centre, on the corner of Hammersmith Road and Butterwick Way, and directly opposite Hammersmith Broadway.

The site was previously the headquarters for L’Oréal UK. However, L’Oréal have moved out as the building was no longer fit for purpose.

255 Hammersmith Road was first developed in 1975, and comprehensively refurbished in 1998, when L’Oréal moved in. It has remained largely untouched since.

Issues With The Existing Building

Despite the prominent location of the site and its potential, it is currently outdated and inefficient. Current problems the building faces include:
    • Failures of overheating, air leakage and water ingress, making this an unappealing site to occupiers
    • An outdated façade design which is incoherent with the surrounding streetscape
    • An unattractive and unwelcoming entrance that fails to accommodate to all accessibility needs
    • Sub-optimal sustainability credentials and poor end-of-journey facilities
    • A lack of landscaping and urban greening
    • No shared amenity space contributing towards the community

Existing entrance

Existing ground floor along Butterwick Way

The existing building

Our Vision

We are redeveloping 255 Hammersmith Road in order to bring the building into the modern age, create new jobs, activate the ground floor, and improve the relationship between the building and the community.

Sustainability sits at the heart of our application. We are committed to creating a new generation of ultrasustainable workplaces with integrated, freeuse community meeting spaces based on the very highest of ambitions around carbon reduction and positive social impact. 255 Hammersmith Road will be one of the most innovative office refurbishment projects in the UK, taking a 1970s building which currently has very high energy usage, to make the building achieve net zero carbon in operation.

The development of 255 Hammersmith Road will include the complete retention of the existing structure, whilst retaining and reusing the majority of the existing curtain walling frame and bringing up the energy performance of the façade in line with Net Zero Carbon energy targets. Careful energy modelling and overheating analysis has lead to the upgrading and re-envisioning of key parts of the façade to deliver a creative reuse project of architectural distinction, worthy of this key corner site and to bookend Hammersmith town centre.

No fossil fuels will be used in the building and a significant number of innovations will be adopted by the scheme. These initiatives include substantial solar electricity generation, low-carbon building materials, innovative construction techniques, and other initiatives to reduce both embodied and operational carbon. Our sustainability targets include:

    • BREEAM rating of “Outstanding”.
    • NABERS 5.5 – Design for performance and in use
    • Net Zero (UKGBC 2030)
    • EPC A
    • WELL Enabled
    • Active Score “Platinum”
    • An energy intensity of Max 70 kWh/m2 (GIA)/yr and at least 65% below Part-L
    • WiredScore “Platinum”

In addition to the sustainability gains, we hope that you will agree that our plans significantly improve the look and functionality of the building.

Aerial view of the proposed refurbishment

Our Proposals

In order to achieve our ambitious goals for this site, our submitted proposals include:
    • Creating a viable commercial office building that also provides vibrant ground floor community space.
    • Delivering our outward facing ‘Urban Village Hall’ on the ground floor, accessible to local social enterprises, community groups and charities, which will serve as a multi-use space with flexibility to adapt alongside community needs.
    • Creating a welcoming entrance space, removing the current stepped access with gentle ramps and barrier free access to all.
    • Encouraging sustainable transport to and from the building, removing all car-parking from the site, in favour of a community space and ‘best in class’ end of trip active travel parking, gym/hospitality style changing rooms, showers, and lockers. We will be introducing 157 long stay cycle parking spaces, and 12 short stay spaces.
    • Changing the rear service yard into a heavily landscaped, biodiverse, “green lung” for the building that will be visible through the newly opened up ground floor façades.
    • Delivering high quality office space that is comfortable, healthy, energy efficient and environmentally responsible, including a fabric first approach and net zero carbon in operation. We will also be introducing green terraces to the 9th and 10th floors, offering outdoor spaces for occupants to relax and take breaks.