An Urban Village Hall

Creating an active ground floor with a multi-use community space

Our vision for 255 Hammersmith Road includes a complete reimagination of the ground floor and its relationship with the street. This will create an active, vibrant space that animates the building and the streetscape.

As a part of the activation strategy, we are introducing an Urban Village Hall – a multi-use community-focused space that we will co-curate with social enterprises, schools, and local residents in order to improve connectivity with the public realm and maximise the social impact our building creates.

This area could include exhibition space, makerspaces, purpose-led retail, a community café, and local pop-ups.  We imagine it being flexible to deliver small scale locally focused events, including the arts and performance, public speaking and training events.

Our goal is to ensure this space is open and flexible to respond to the changing needs of local businesses, social enterprises, creatives, schools, and community organisations.

This strategy supports the evolution of Hammersmith as set out in the Hammersmith Town Centre Masterplan.

Potential bike café and community hub