Welcome to the post-submission website on the proposals for 255 Hammersmith Road. Our consultation is now closed. However, you can still provide your thoughts and ask any questions you may still have by contacting  feedback@255hammersmithroad.com. To find out more about each aspect of the proposals, please visit the Join the conversation tab.


Consultation Website


Welcome to the post-submission consultation website for 255 Hammersmith Road, where we are showcasing our plans for the future of this important property.

We will be transforming this currently outdated and inefficient building, through an extensive retrofit and redesign, into into a contemporary office that is sensitive to its surroundings and meets the most stringent environmental standards.

We will be achieving this through the introduction of meaningful social impact, whilst ensuring the new building is focused on best-in-class design, construction, and operation. Central to this is keeping – and not demolishing – the existing building.

In late December 2022, we conducted our community consultation on our proposed plans for the site, before submitting our planning application in November 2023.

We have been engaging with local residents and community groups to recieve feedback on our plans. We would like to thank all those who took the the time to provide valuable feedback which we will review as part of our submission. Our consultation is now closed. However, if you have any questions please do get in touch by contacting feedback@255hammersmithroad.com, or by filling out our contact form on the Contact Us page.

The existing building at 255 Hammersmith Road

CGI view of the proposed East Façade – viewed from Hammersmith tube station

Meet the Team

Below you can find out about the team bringing forward the future of 255 Hammersmith Road, as well as the expertise and previous experience brought from working on similar schemes.


FORE Partnership – Owner and Developers

FORE Partnership is a purpose-driven property developer specialising driving social and environmental innovation. For over a decade, we have led the real estate industry especially in recycling and reusing existing office buildings. FORE is a certified “B Corporation” meaning we put purpose alongside profit and have been independently assessed to be among the most ethical companies in the world.



Studio PDP – Architect

Studio DPD is a London-based practice focused on putting people first, creating respectful and responsible buildings and places which are responsive and contextually-led.